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Fashion & Beauty Searches

1 platform, 3,000+ fashion & beauty brands. We make finding what you want so much easier.

Sale Alerts

Beat the crowd to sales & brand updates when you save an item or follow a brand.


Not sure what fits your budget & lifestyle? We will find the right items for you.

Fashion & Beauty Searches

1 platform, 3,000+ fashion & beauty brands. We make finding what you want so much easier.

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Shoppr Girls: Malaysian Students Represent!

By Yi Jun

Shoppr Girls: Malaysian Students Represent!

For the students studying abroad, in a whole new culture and with different seasons all year round, how do they pick their OOTDs? We’ve asked 5 Shoppr Girls that are studying overseas in lands far, far away…

Amelia Tan in Seoul, South Korea

For a great casual look for the summer here in Seoul, I paired a pink knitted top with black loose overalls. Finished the look with a pair of comfortable black sandals, because Koreans walk a lot! This is an easy outfit and can be worn for any time of the day.

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Natasha Amalina in Manchester, United Kingdom

My style is definitely oriented around my mood. My constant favourites are definitely my boots and my scarf. Back in Malaysia, I can’t really wear these because of the hot weather. But here in the UK, they're not just comfortable, they also keep me warm in the chilly weather!

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For nights out with the girls, I definitely like to wear a statement necklace. It just adds that pop of colour to any outfit! (It also gets me photo-ready for all the selfies to come!) Adding to that, the cold-shoulder trend is popular in the UK now!

Shop The Cold-Shoulder →

Ally Lee in Melbourne, Australia

The weather in Melbourne can be pretty chilly, so I love the long jacket. It’s simple yet makes a huge statement! The one thing that I do differently here is I wear a lot of platform shoes. I don't see much of those in Malaysia due to the weather but here you can wear it during autumn or winter!

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For the second outfit, I recently got into street style cause’ Melbourne fashion stores started selling lots of them. I bought these black sneakers and bomber jacket so I put those two together with a crop top and jeans. It's a simple outfit that you can easily wear to class too!

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Samantha Lee in Melbourne, Australia

This outfit works for both a casual or classy night out. I chose it because all black is my go-to, especially if I can’t decide what to wear!

Shop Off-The-Shoulder Tops →

I chose this outfit because the choker top is the current trend right now and the pants are super comfortable, especially since the waist is elastic!

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Sasha Manuel in Melbourne, Australia

I decided to get on the minimalist trend going on in Melbourne with these ripped jeans paired with my go-to turtleneck sweater, especially on a breezy day. This outfit blends well with the locals here who are into neutral colors. Lastly, I complemented my outfit with these slightly pointed boots from Lipstik to keep my feet warm while looking chic!

Shop Ripped Jeans →

Keeping it casual yet chic with my go-to coat from Topshop and ripped jeans, this is my everyday outfit for class. Due to the cold weather here in Melbourne, I get to experiment layering with different outerwears! I wore my adidas superstars as the sneaker game here is strong. Lastly, I put on this cap as it battles a bad hair day and it completed the look!

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Your Daily Outfit: Selena Gomez Revival Tour Edition

Your Daily Outfit Guide: Selena Gomez Revival Tour Edition

Despite protests, Selena Gomez gave Malaysians a night to remember with her catchy tunes and bubbly persona. Haters, she was so flawless, she couldn’t even see you all the way from the top. (I mean she could, but why would she want to?) Keep scrolling to see how you can add some selena-star-quality to your everyday outfits.

Come & Get All The Leather

Selena amped up the outfit with those killer leather leggings! Small doses of leather (like jackets and shoes) is a good start. Wear it indoors in freezing college classes or shopping mall hangout spots, we wouldn’t want you to suffocate in the heat.

Top Bottom

The Heart Wants All-Black Outfits

All-black ensembles scream classy and effortless, even when you’re not trying at all. Like Selena here, try different textures (cotton + silk, leather + polyester) of black pieces for extra oomph. Great for work attires or when you gotta impress people in presentations.

Shop All Black →

Kill Em’ With Glitter

Not literally people. Back to the point, there’s nothing wrong with a little glitter during the day! Try a subtle sequin top or bodysuit, and pair with culottes or flared pants! Maybe for those after-work drinks or college party this week?

Picture Credits: the very kind @elayna_emery from Twitter!

What to Wear to Catch Different Pokémon Types

By Ming

What to Wear to Catch Different Pokémon Types

Virtual monsters are taking over our feeds and when they look as cute as Pokémon, we really can’t complain.

Pokémon GO hasn’t reached our shores just yet but we’re making preps in advance. But before we talk about how to catch these cute little buggers, let’s see what to wear to catch the different types of Pokémon out there.

Join the hunt! Hidden in each of the OOTDs below is a sneaky little Pokémon. Can you catch them all?

Ghost Type

Not surprisingly, Ghost type Pokémon have been reported to show up at quiet open spaces at night. Opt for dark clothing to camouflage yourself against your surroundings. After all, when sneaking up on wild Pokémon (or any wild thing for that matter), it’s probably not wise to announce your arrival in a bright yellow top.

Examples: Gastly, Haunter, Gengar

Shop Dark Pieces →

Water Type

You’ll be finding yourself at pools, lakes, beaches and the like to find Water Pokémon. Don’t just stand by on land, hoping to catch those coming up for air. Get in there! Spectators never win, only committed competitors do! The best Pokémon trainers always come prepared and in this case it means donning your best swimsuit. Regular clothes will only slow you down. No can do.

Examples: Squirtle, Psyduck, Krabby

Shop Swimwear →

Fighting & Grass Type

Kill two birds with one stone in a single day. Put on your best sports gear and head to the park or golf course in the morning to find yourself some Grass type creatures. Then, hop on over to your neighbourhood gym or sports centre. Pretend to lift some weights while secretly capturing the Fighting type Pokémon sitting atop that buff guy’s head. You’d probably have gotten a better workout than him at the end of the day anyway.

Examples: Bulbasaur, Oddish, Machop

Shop Activewear →

Ice Type

Naturally, Ice types can be found in places with actual snow or ice. So if you happen to be travelling to a wintry location soon, skip the tour and go hunting instead because, Pokémon. Just make sure to dress in warm clothing! Sticking around in Malaysia? Well, we can’t guarantee it but perhaps cooler places like Genting Highlands or Fraser’s Hills will house some of these cuties. Alternatively, try an ice bucket.

Examples: Dewgong, Cloyster, Lapras

Shop Outerwear →

Electric Type

Everybody wants a Pikachu. But how? Electric type Pokémon appear in areas classified as ‘industrial’, for example, schools, college campuses, dry areas with lots of concrete and cities in general. We recommend sticking to the ‘camouflage’ approach again by picking monochrome outfits and blending into your surroundings.

Examples: Pikachu, Magneton, Voltorb

Shop Monochrome →
Outfit Inspo: Dresses with Sneakers

By Yi Jun

Outfit Inspo: Dresses with Sneakers

If you’re not a big fan of heels with your dresses, this article is for you! Here are 4 outfit ideas for dresses paired with an all-time classic: sneakers.

All-White Trend

The perfect time to try the all-white trend going on this season! Try a white lace dress and a matching low-cut converse.

Credit: aelida

All-White Trend
Shop White Dresses →

Print for the Summer

Since it’s the summer (and basically summer all year round in Malaysia), go all out with the prints! A maxi printed dress sounds perfect for the job.

Credit: gallerianews

Print for the Summer
Shop Printed Maxi Dresses →

Sports Luxe

For this look, wear a sporty dress with a pair of runners. A striking pair of Nike or Adidas (or any sports brands, really) will fit right in.

Credit: glamradar

Sports Luxe
Shop Jersey Dresses →

Sneaker Night

That’s right, you can most definitely wear sneakers for a night out! Slip on a bright pair of sneakers (a great pop of colour) to go with your party dress. You’ll be more comfortable in sneakers too!

Credit: thebestfashionblog

Sneaker Night
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How to Style the Sheer Clothes Trend

By Yi Jun

How to Style the Sheer Clothes Trend

It’s sexy - yet classy. We’ve picked a few pieces out to get you started on this growing trend!

Sheer Dress

Stars like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez have been seen slaying in sheer dresses, and it’s now your turn. Looks great with just a pair of heels and some shiny accessories!

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Sheer Top

Might not be a great idea to wear for work, but it’s definitely a green light for night outs! Pair with a matching bodycon skirt or fitting pants.

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Sheer Skirt

May it be maxi or mini, switch these sheer skirts with your usual plain ones for a change!

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